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IMPORTANT NOTE: This is for Hot Spring & Tiger River spas only

Materials needed: 1 gallon Muriatic Acid
Time: 5-6 hrs

1 - Remove all non-attached materials from the spa. This includes floating brominators, thermometers, toys, pillows, floor drain grate, and filters. Leave the spa filled with water.

2 - Pour the gallon of acid into the center of the spa.

3 - Over the next 4 hours, turn the jets on for ten minutes (with the Hot Spring spas, turn on the CLEAN cycle) once an hour. Each time you turn on the jets, turn the large handle diverter 90 degrees on four position spas or 180 degrees on two position spas. This will allow the acid solution to clean the jet lines. When the jets are off, the circulation lines and heater are being cleaned.

4 - After the 4 hours, turn off the power to the spa and drain the spa using the spa drains only. This will help flush out the calcium and build up from the spa plumbing lines.

5 - As the spa drains, using a water (garden) hose, rinse and wipe down the inside of the spa. Rinse thoroughly the shell, jets, moto-massage housing, and filter compartment.

6 - After the water has drained from the spa, reinstall the drain plugs and refill the spa.

7 - Once the spa is filled, turn the power back on and chemically balance the spa water.

This procedure should be done at least once a year for customers who are on well water, and as needed for those customers who use city water.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this procedure, please ask prior to attempting this process.

If your 2003 or newer Hot Spring spa is blinking both the Red and Green indicator lights, the flow switch inside the heater is not registering the proper water flow to activate the heater. This can be remedied by following these steps.

  • If the spa has been recently drained and refilled, it is possible to have an air pocket in the circulation line. To help eliminate this from happening, always fill the spa through the center of the GREY filter standpipe. Remove the GREY screw cap and push the hose into the GREY standpipe. Turn the hose on full force and water pressure help remove the air pocket.
  • Check the filters. If the filters have not been cleaned within the past 4 to 6 weeks, remove them and clean the filters. With the filters removed, reset the spa by powering off the spa, wait 1-2 minutes and turn the power back on.
  • Check the water level. If the water level is low, the circulation pump will not be able to pull in enough water to create proper flow. Keep the spa filled at least to the middle of the filter compartment. Reset the spa by powering off the spa, wait 1-2 minutes and turn the power back on.
  • If none of these solve the blinking lights, please call the service department to schedule a service appointment.

The only way to properly treat the spa system to remove (kill) the water mold is to do the following:

  • Add 1oz per 250 gallons of non-foaming algaecide to the spa
  • Shock the spa to increase the chlorine/bromine level up to 5.0 ppm for chlorine and 11.0 ppm for bromine. Keep the chlorine/bromine levels high for 3-5 days prior to draining the spa.
  • Remove the filter(s) and clean with fresh filter/cleaner/degreaser. Soak the filters for at least 24hrs, rinse thoroughly.
  • Drain the spa. Clean with a spa surface cleaner. Rinse thoroughly and refill.
  • Replace cleaned or new filter(s) and start up spa.
  • Test and balance the spa water keeping the chlorine or bromine levels at the higher level for one week.

This procedure should resolve the White Water Mold within the spa circulation system.

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