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How to treat White Water Mold in a spa?

The only way to properly treat the spa system to remove (kill) the water mold is to do the following:

  • Add 1oz per 250 gallons of non-foaming algaecide to the spa
  • Shock the spa to increase the chlorine/bromine level up to 5.0 ppm for chlorine and 11.0 ppm for bromine. Keep the chlorine/bromine levels high for 3-5 days prior to draining the spa.
  • Remove the filter(s) and clean with fresh filter/cleaner/degreaser. Soak the filters for at least 24hrs, rinse thoroughly.
  • Drain the spa. Clean with a spa surface cleaner. Rinse thoroughly and refill.
  • Replace cleaned or new filter(s) and start up spa.
  • Test and balance the spa water keeping the chlorine or bromine levels at the higher level for one week.

This procedure should resolve the White Water Mold within the spa circulation system.

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